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Make sure that if you copy/paste a password or email address that you don't accidentally copy a blank space before or after the text. Also ensure CAPSLOCK is not activated and know that all passwords are case sensitive. Once you are logged back in you can change you temporary password in the Account section.

There can be many reasons why a card may be declined so the easiest way to get you back up and running again is to try paying via Paypal. You do not need an account with Paypal in order to use their sevice, you just need to fill in your details and you can checkout as a guest. If this still doesn't work then please do get in contact and we'll be glad to help you out.

This is the link you need with all the information: https://jtcguitar.com/article/jtc-ipad Our premium members use a TAB/Notation feature of our site provided by our good friends over at SoundSlice. Soundslice are constantly working to improve and increase support for iPad users and it will only get better and better as the development continues. For our download members, the simplest method is to download and unzip your files on a computer and then transfer the files across to your iPad/tablet device (we advise using cloud storage software as a nice easy method.

A jamtrack is a long backing track with no lead guitar. It is designed for you to improvise or practise over. You start the jamtrack, grab your guitar and… JAM!

This depends on the product. Most of our jamtracks are between 3 and 6 minutes long. Some packages have two backing tracks… the extended jamtrack (with a filename ending in ‘_jt.mp3′) and a shorter backing track designed to fit the sample solo (with a filename ending in ‘_sjt.mp3′).

When the package is based around a composed song (such as Jack Thammarat’s ‘On The Way’) there is no extended jamtrack… just a standard backing track.

Hell yeah! We have lots of ideas for the future!

Do you have permission to use this music?

Yes, because it is ALL written by us or by our artists. Some of the jam tracks and solos are designed to recreate the sound of famous guitarists, but they are all our compositions. Our artists all receive royalties for their compositions. By buying our products, you are supporting musicians directly!


There is always a backing track. Always. After that, it depends on the package. Some have solos to show you how to sound like famous players, some have amazing solos by our guest artists. Sometimes there are also videos of the solos. Some packages are more like lessons. Sometimes we show you how to play a whole song. All songs, solos and lessons are transcribed 100% accurately, in Powertab and PDF format. Please always read the 'What You Get' section as well as the product text for full details.

Yes, we have a selection of downloadable albums by some amazing guitarists.

Some of them have appeared in Guitarist magazine. However, Future Publishing only sell very recent back issues of their magazines, so we thought we should make all of this music available… for ever! We also allow our artists to use our backings for their own purposes. Else, you might have heard one of our many awesome tracks being played over by one of the hundreds of thousands of people that use our great services every year!

Guthrie played some solos over existing jamtracks from other packages. They were originally only available on Youtube, but lots of people persuaded us to make proper download packages, complete with full Tab. To get the Guthrie versions, go to Guthrie’s page on our site.

Our prices are in British Pounds, but you can buy our products wherever you are. To check our prices in your currency, you can use the Universal Currency Converter.

We use secure payment and download systems. We also have a comprehensive set of Terms and Conditions and a <a title="Privacy Policy" href="http://www.jtcguitar.com/dev/help/privacy-policy/">Privacy Policy</a> which we recommend you read to put your mind at rest. Payments are processed through Paypal, so we never see your bank or credit card details.

In the top right, we have a Sign-Up button that you can use to create an account. All you need is a valid email address that you have access to, as we send you a confirmation email after signing up.

We do occasionally email specific discount codes in our newsletters out via our mailing list. Other ways include checking out the Special Offers page, as well as downloading the Jam Of The Month free download which often includes exclusive discount codes too.

Interactive tab works by giving you the online streaming and membership access for all of the individual products you’ve purchased as downloads. This is a great way to bolster your learning experience and learn on the go without needing access to all of your files. All you need to do is click on MyLibrary, expand the product and then click on the hat icon next to one of the tracks. On some products you may need to select the track listing/preview tab before finding the hat icons.

We use mp4 format for videos. You can play these videos immediately in iTunes, QuickTime, VLC and many other programs. The format is also supported by Windows Media Player, but if you have an earlier version, you will need to download extra codecs. Search for the K Lite Codec Pack in your search engine.

For the Ditto X2 looper from TC Electronics, we provided a number of free jamtracks. We are unable to offer tech support for the looper itself as you will need to talk to TC Electronics about this. To get the tracks, sign in or create and confirm a JTC account, then enter the URL on the side of the box and enter your serial number. If you get an error, please send us a message explaining the issue and be sure to include your serial number.

After browsing the store, click on the buy button on a product. This saves the item to your basket. You can continue browsing until you are ready to make your order. When you’re ready, click on the cart icon in the top right and select to go the checkout. From here you can enter your personal and payment details required to make the purchase. If you have a discount, don’t forget to enter it correctly and hit apply. When the purchase is complete the item is available for instant download in your MyLibrary area or on the product pages. 

For download purchases you can pay via credit/debit card or through PayPal. Google Pay, Apple Pay and Alipay are also options. 

For memberships, we accept most major credit/debit bank cards and Paypal.

JTC+ members have full streaming access, so anywhere you have an internet connection you can view the tabs and content online. If printing the tabs is essential then our advice is to purchase the product for download, where you can print from the PDF document versions.

We would love to extend the offer for you personally, but doing so would be unfair to other customers. We always state the time and date (in GMT/BST) for the end of our sales, and unfortunately these times are final. Sorry!

Yes, please purchase the full version of the product and then email us a copy of your purchase receipts. We can then refund the original purchase for you.

We try our best to let you know what’s included in our products. Please always look at the ‘What You Get’ section on the product page, read the product text description and watch any promotional videos on the page to get an idea of what’s included. We unfortunately cannot refund any download products due to the digital nature of the products. The issue being that we could refund a payment back to you but after you’ve got access to your download there’s no way for you to return your product back to us.

Excellent! We love hearing from our players that use our site and some of our best features have come from player suggestions. We’d love to hear what ideas you have or how we can improve your learning experience. Please contact us here.

These should be available at your nearest guitar shop that stocks Ibanez picks. They are also available on Amazon from Ibanez here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ibanez-PJTC1-Central-Players-Plectrums/dp/B07NDW2L5L/

All of the products on JTCGuitar.com are digital and available for instant download. We do have physical products on JTCMerch.com such as T-Shirts, physical CD’s and other merchandise items.

We removed this product because of licensing imitations so the notation isn’t available but we left the videos live on all social platforms for the world to continue to enjoy.

If you rocked it, we certainly will! We love hearing your covers and we post clips of our favourites on our social channels. Feel free to send in clips of your finished covers or something you’re practising and we’ll take a look! Don’t forget to include your own social details so we can drop you a tag and make you internet famous.

Yes you can! Providing that you are not profiting from the use of our tracks, we are okay with you soloing over our tracks and uploading the video online. In fact, we encourage it! Just drop a link in so that your followers can see where they can get the backing from as well.

If you wish to use our tracks in a commercial setting (including selling anything containing our content in full or in part) then you will need to acquire the correct license from us. Please let us know the track and usage you require and we can give you a pricing estimate and draft up the appropriate documentation. 

If you’re struggling to find what you are looking for Contact Us and we will get back to you ASAP.