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12 modules of learning with bespoke artists feedback

Online Course

Price - £299.00

Online Course

Price - £299.00

Online Course

Price - £299.00

Online Courses

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For the price of a coffee and a cake a week, Raise the bar with your playing,
With 1 to 1 coaching from the JTC pros on Online Course Exclusive Content

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to your most pressing questions

Once purchased, you can take as long as you need to complete the course. After certain periods of inactivity we will contact you to check on your progress. Once you have access to a course it is up to you to complete it and work on it in your own time. Your Artist Tutor will also help drive you to succeed.

If you fail an exercise then you have as many takes as you need to get a pass. Your artist tutor may advise after a few attempts to take your time to really master the content before submitting again.

Once you have achieved a pass mark, you also have 3 attempts to ‘Go for Gold’. Upon getting a gold star, you have mastered the content!

Once you submit a module, you should receive your artist feedback within 5 days, but usually it will be much sooner.

Absolutely! You can have as many active courses as you like, however we recommend that you do one course at a time.

If you decide within 48 hours of purchase that an Online Course is not for you we will refund and close access to the course down for you. After 48 hours no refunds will be permitted but you are not obliged to complete the course.

Upon 3 months of completing a course we will remove any failed attempts throughout your course and leave only the successful attempts, however all written feedback will remain in place.

The Hall of Fame will show the total amount of completed gold Modules. if you get a gold exercise it does not qualify.

Upon completing the course you will get a JTC Certificate. You can claim this from your Challenges/Rewards section.

If you purchase the Online Course version of a masterclass, it works exactly the same as any Bootcamp product. The only difference is that you also get the Masterclass to download and keep as well.

If you already own or purchase just the Masterclass, the online course option is an optional extra and you will need to purchase this at full price or via the payment plan.