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The Latest Blog

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Wednesday 8th May, 2024

Jam of the Month March 24 Winners

From hundreds of entries, and a shortlist of over 50, these are the .strandberg* takeover - Jam of the Month March 2024 winners. The response was huge, the quality was insane and shortlisting took A LONG time. Each entry was watched and watched again, and we have so much respect for anyone who...

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Thursday 25th Jan, 2024

James Graydon's Listening Essentials

“Our style is carved from our influences.”These are the opening words of James Graydon’s Masterclass study guide, and in it, he delves into his influences, and how they have shaped his take on...

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Wednesday 23rd Aug, 2023

Submitting Your Playlist: A Guide

Playlists allow you to collate your favourite pieces of JTC content into one learnable collection. There are three types of playlists in the playlist store:JTC Curated from the JTC teamArtist Curated...

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Thursday 24th Aug, 2023

Jam of the Month and Bonus Challenges

For years, the JTC Jam of the Month has been the premier destination for guitarists looking to share their playing with the world.Now, we’re giving players even more reasons to get involved!Jam of...

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Thursday 20th Apr, 2023

Maximising your signal chain

Signal chains have become a big part of modern guitar talk....

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Wednesday 12th Apr, 2023

How to build the ultimate fly rig

You’ve been booked for a gig where a backline is a no-go. Or...

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Monday 21st Nov, 2022

Why you should try...prog-metal

The final week of the Toontrack Metal Meltdown is here! And we...

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Monday 14th Nov, 2022

Why you should try...extreme-metal

First we brought you some brooding post-metal then some good...

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Tuesday 8th Nov, 2022

Why you should try...thrash-metal

It’s week two of the Metal Meltdown. Four weeks of free metal...