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We’ve teamed up with IK Multimedia to give JTC+ members EXCLUSIVE free access* to AmpliTube 5 Red Pig Collection. The longer you’re a member, the more IK Multimedia goodies you unlock.


How to Unlock your IK Multimedia Free Products

Unlocking your IK Multimedia Free Products is easy. Simply head to the JTC+ Perks tab in your account settings to unlock it INSTANTLY. Not a Member? Sign Up Now.

Instant Access

Instantly unlock AmpliTube Red Pig Collection worth £54.99.

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6 Months Membership

After 6 months* membership unlock AmpliTube 5 SE worth over £99.

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After 12 months* membership unlock a surprise free IK Multimedia pack worth over £99.

*T+C's - needs to be continuous membership to unlock 6 and 12 months

What's Included in the AmpliTube 5 Collection?


Red Pig

Based on Marshall© MajorTM head This gem from the `60s is based on the Marshall Major 200 "Pig" (as it was nicknamed) made famous by players like Ritchie Blackmore, Jimmy Page, Joe Perry and at times Stevie Ray Vaughan. It was originally produced for players who needed more stage volume and sported a full 200 watts powered by KT88 power tubes. Nicknamed "the Pig" because it was a full 3" deeper than Marshalls of the day to accommodate the larger transformers, it quickly became the favourite of larger venue players.


Red Pig

Based on Marshall© Major 4x12` slanted cabinet loaded with T75 speakers.


5 SE

Unlock the power of AmpliTube 5 SE with 80 models covering all the “must-have” gear.

How to Unlock your IK Multimedia Free Products

Visit IK Multimedia
Download Product
Register Your
AmpliTube 5 CS
With Red Pig
Follow the steps for a more detailed breakdown:

- Download and install the IK Product Manager. You can find it here:

( Select Windows or Mac version as appropriate).

- Once installed, open the IK Product Manager and it will ask you to login with your IK username and password. If you don’t have

these yet, click on ‘Create Account’ which will let you set up a new IK user account.

- Click on ‘Manage My Products’ and then click on the red ‘+ Register Product’ button on the right-hand side. Enter your serial

number found on your JTC+ Perks tab and click on ‘Register’

- Scroll down the list of available products and you will now find an entry for ‘AmpliTube 5 CS’. On the right-hand side click on the

Install button and your AmpliTube will be installed. After installation is completed make sure that ‘Authorised’ is highlighted in

green. If not, click on ‘Authorise’ and the software will be authorised for this computer.

This completes the installation process. You can now open AmpliTube 5 CS either as a standalone application on your desktop OR

as an effects plugin within your DAW (Logic, Cubase, Reaper, ProTools etc.). In addition to your free amp and cab, you will find

several other gear models which are also available for you to use. For further instructions on using your AmpliTube 5 CS, you can

find the full manual in the IK Product Manager by clicking on the Manuals tab just below the entry for AmpliTube 5 CS.


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