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If you cancel, you will have full access up to the end of your billing period.
These are streaming-only releases available just for JTC+ members. They are short, focused pieces of content covering improvisation, foundational skills and much more.
Interactive Tab, powered by Soundslice, gives you the ability to slow down, speed up, and loop tab, which follows what is happening on screen. This is the best way to access JTC content.
Active JTC+ subscribers automatically get 25% off their purchases. This is displayed on product pages, and shown at the checkout.
Any purchased products are yours forever. Whatever level of account you have. Simply log in to the site to access your purchased products.
Once you start a JTC+ membership, you will instantly unlock the Reg Pig amp and cab collection which you can redeem via the “Perks” section of your account. After six months, you will unlock another freebie, and even more after a year.
Yes. We have content made for entry level players, all the way up to elite pros. JTC’s content is best for intermediate and advanced players, but there is still everything you need to get started with guitar.
No. We have free demo content, and regular Jam of the Month competitions and as a free user, you can purchase whatever content you like.
If you’re struggling to find what you are looking for Contact Us and we will get back to you ASAP.