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JTC Tones

All guitar amps need to go through a cabinet, real or digital, both work the same. Impulse responses are small files that capture the sonic properties of a cab speaker. Without an impulse response, direct amp tone can sound harsh, tinny and unpleasing to the ear.Producers would describe IRs as EQ snapshots that capture the specific frequencies of any given cab/speaker. Therefore, by applying our IRs to your amp signal (digital or otherwise), you’ll be hearing your tone as if it were going through the real deal. Essentially, it’s a complex EQ applied after your amp tone. Because of the complexity, the best impulse responses will require to have employed expert microphone placement/capture in a pleasant acoustic environment.
The IR files can be imported into readily available hardware and software. IR loading is now possible in some multi effect pedals and not just rack units. It is important to make sure that your hardware can accept third party IR files. There are some incredible free IR loading software options available online that can be used as plugins in your chosen audio workstation. If you still prefer to obtain raw analogue amplifier tones you can use a ‘load' box which takes the speaker level line out of your amplifier to then process with an IR file. Many available load boxes come with a selection of pre-loaded files but most allow you to import your own files. Again check that they accept third party IR files.

 Some hardware such as Kemper Profiling use a proprietary format but a free converter is available from their website. Please note that some hardware units require a certain sample rate so please consider this when selecting your chosen quality – 96kHz, 48kHz or 44.1kHz. Also some hardware truncates the files automatically. This has been considered during creation and should not present any unwanted artefacts.
Our IRs have been captured with the latest technology, whilst remaining faithful to past elements of speaker design. By applying an IR to your tone, you will be simulating industry standard speaker responses, resulting in a ready tone straight out the box.
If you own any plugins (free or otherwise) that have the capability to load up 3rd party IRs such as ours, you’re all set. All you need to do is navigate to the cabinet/IR section of your plugin and then load up a file of your choice from our range.Do the files sound like real cabinets?.
All of the Daemon Driver range of IRs have been generated using real, industry standard drivers and cabinets. They are the most realistic speaker simulation available today. The Cyber Driver range of IRs use a combination of real drivers with custom created filters made using our Modern Vintage Hybrid Technology methodology.
Without too much disclosure, this is the name of the process that JTC Tones uses to encapsulate the entire creation of its Impulse Response packs. This process is a response to the modern day players that are actively ‘tone chasing’ but becoming frustrated with the currently available options. Many seem stuck in a tonal rut where they are used to the old tried and tested ‘standards'. Whilst these standards have become the benchmark and are fantastic, we aim to augment these standards with modern alternatives. Uniquely combining the old and new is at the heart of our MVHT process. Our Cyber Driver impulses specifically address this issue by providing a new type of virtual speaker whilst still containing many tried, tested and loved elements of past speaker design.
We feel that an abundance of choice can be a detriment to obtaining great tone. Meticulous research has been performed during the development of these files to give you what we believe is the ultimate tonal solution, with the optimum microphone and poweramp responses to facilitate most tonal situations. Also, instead of a long list of microphones, we believe a second cab is more beneficial to the user. Our belief is to spend less time trawling through a large selection of files and more time creating awesome tones!
Many products these days do ship with impulse responses as stock, but we feel that if you want to really enhance your tone and sculpt it further, purchasing dedicated IRs can be a great first step in chasing that dream tone.
Yes! Most software allows you to combine a blend of two impulse responses. We recommend blending some IRs from both the Cyber Driver and Daemon Driver ranges for insane results!
Due to the nature of the IR files, using them will have very little to no impact on your computer performance. In terms of guitar tones, reverbs, delays and modulation effects tend to draw the most CPU power!
The best part about IRs and guitar tones in general is that there isn’t a “best” tone! The best part about tone chasing is that there’s no end goal, no finish line and no final destination. You might make a guitar tone today using our IRs and in a year's time, you might find yourself preferring another IR combo!

Please check out the demos to help find the one that works for you.
The different pack genres, whilst they work extremely well, are only a guide intended to be used as a ‘plug and play’ solution. Use them as a starting point. Experimentation is the key for successful tone chasing. The best approach is to ‘mix and match’ cabinets to obtain unique combinations.
All of our IR Packs are custom creations using multiple drivers and cabinets to provide what we consider to be the best possible tonal combinations. There are already many great companies providing authentic reproductions of certain makes and models of speaker/cabinet. We didn’t want to offer just another generic clone and we also favour the strong-minded musicians that make choices depending upon their musical ear.
As long as you have the capability to load up 3rd party IRs such as ours, you’ll face no issues using any of the JTC responses. They are designed to work with a multitude of physical and digital amp sims.
Whilst an IR is an incredibly important component of any guitar tone, it’s not the only factor at play. You have guitar pickups, strings, plectrum, your amp, amp settings and effects at play as well! These can all affect the end result and it’s why crafting a guitar tone is something so special. It changes every time. Our IRs are designed with genres and styles in mind but don’t let that be the final say in how you craft your tones.
If you’re struggling to find what you are looking for Contact Us and we will get back to you ASAP.