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A playlist is simply JTC content brought together in a collection. A mixtape for your practice sessions! Choose the exercises, licks, lessons, and solos you love and put them together into a playlist. Or choose from a range of user, artist or JTC team-curated options.
All customers can view and create playlists; however, only JTC+ members (previously premium) can access the Interactive Tab content to learn playlists. They are included as part of an active JTC+ subscription.
You can add any track from any pack or existing playlists to your own playlist by selecting the small plus icon next to the ‘Learn’ button. From there, select ‘Create New’ or ‘Add to Existing Playlist’. You can also create new playlists from the playlist page in your library. 
Tracks can be any single piece of individual JTC content. This includes lessons, licks, riffs, slow breakdown sections, exercises, solos and other playing extracts. Choose tracks to make playlists!
No. Playlists are only available to learn if you are a JTC+ member, and can only be accessed via our onsite streaming with Interactive Tab.
Not right now but you will be able to soon! Check our roadmap for progress.
You will be able to access Learn for content you own within playlists. Any tracks within a playlist you do not own, you will not be able to access unless you purchase the content, or upgrade to JTC+.
Any user can create and edit playlists. However, only JTC+ members can access the Learn function to stream the Interactive Tab.
Yes! Simply choose the playlist you want to delete and press “delete playlist” on the top right. You can also delete individual tracks within one of your playlists. Just click the “+” icon and select Remove.
Yes. However these are separate from playlists and can be made either from your library or from the jamtracks section of the site
To submit a playlist, simply add 15 or more “tracks” and press submit. The JTC team will then look over your playlist and see if it has benefits for other users. There are certain criteria we are looking for which you will be advised about when you submit.We will either approve or deny a submitted playlist based on how well it fits the desired criteria.
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