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JTC+ Exclusives

Streamable content from a range of JTC pros, focusing on different aspects of playing the guitar. Each week we will release new content. Note: JTC+ Exclusives are only available as part of an active JTC+ subscription. Check out the JTC+ Exclusives page to find out more. 
JTC+ Exclusives are streaming only, and only available for JTC+ members.
It is not possible to individually purchase a JTC+ Exclusive release. They are only available as part of an active JTC+ membership.
We will store any tracks you have marked as complete or favourited. 
Access to JTC+ exclusive releases will be blocked after the final payment date of a deactivated JTC+ subscription. You will no longer be able to access JTC+ Exclusives even if you have started working on content.
If you’re struggling to find what you are looking for Contact Us and we will get back to you ASAP.