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JTC Guitars jamtracks, allowing you to hone your shredding skills, one track at a time.

Bridge Paul Harvey   Mix F#m 116 bpm 5:09
Bounty Paul Harvey   Mix Em 126 bpm 4:54
Aura Paul Harvey   Mix Cm 95 bpm 4:55
On The Edge Claudio Pietronik   Rock Bm 121 bpm 2:29
Summer Credits Claudio Pietronik   Rock G 93 bpm 2:38
Taurus Is Sad Claudio Pietronik   Rock F#m 162 bpm 3:04
Chopping Board Agent Claudio Pietronik   Rock Bm 159 bpm 2:28
Wait For It Claudio Pietronik   Rock G#m 95 bpm 2:26
Rimini Stallion Claudio Pietronik   Rock Cm 115 bpm 2:33
Foot Down Claudio Pietronik   Rock Am 143 bpm 3:12
The End of Nu Claudio Pietronik   Rock Dm 90 bpm 2:38
Put In The Tape Claudio Pietronik   Rock Gm 92 bpm 2:42
Maximum Claudio Pietronik   Rock Em 135 bpm 2:26
Old Stone Connor Kaminski   Rock Em 82 bpm 1:01
Orange Jam Jan Cyrka   Fusion Dm 77 bpm 1:56
Good Ol' Boys James Graydon   Country A 120 bpm 1:06
Flow States James Graydon   Fusion Dm 100 bpm 1:10
Never Go Back James Graydon   Mix Em 160 bpm 1:11
Wild Boys Michele Vanni   Rock Em 145 bpm 5:48
Avid Learner Michele Vanni   Rock Am 230 bpm 5:33
Lightning Strikes Michele Vanni   Rock Em 140 bpm 5:57
Bumper Sticker Michele Vanni   Rock Em 90 bpm 5:28
Hole in the Wall Michele Vanni   Rock B 180 bpm 5:52
Lonely Planet Michele Vanni   Rock Am 106 bpm 5:51