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Sergey Golvin was born in 1988 in Kiselevsk, a small Siberian town in Russia and has been mastering the guitar since he was a small boy. Influenced by the likes of Gilbert, Vai and Govan, he switched from classical to electric guitar, and as such, has since become one of Russia's finest players. Able to fuse highly technical lead lines with prog-metal and rock riffs, his compositions include the ... insane track, “Bouncing Ball”, while his album Sense of Reality is a true gem of an instrumental album. For riffs, licks and all the tricks of contemporary playing, Sergey is your man. Read More


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Number of Releases: 5
Top Genres: Metal, Rock, Fusion, Mix

Artist Releases

All of Sergey Golovin's releases in one location.

20 Cutting Edge Rock Licks

 Advanced  /   Rock  /  20 Licks

Sergey is right at the forefront of intense rock guitar with these 20 impressively melodic rock shred licks!

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Ultimate Control 2

 Advanced  /   Mix  /  5 Tracks

Sergey Golovin drops five solos that step away from the norm. Embrace wild melodies, huge harmonic shifts and every technique under the sun.


Ultimate Control

 Advanced  /   Mix  /  5 Tracks

Bonkers guitar playing. Ridiculous technique. Sergey Golovin has it all.

Sense Of Reality

 Intermediate  /   Metal  /  Album

Sense Of Reality is Sergey Golovin's debut instrumental album and we are extremely proud to be offering it through JTC.

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