Look at the comments on any Marco Sfogli YouTube video you’ll see such an outpouring of superlatives that you’ll be impressed before you even listen. That’s how special Marco is, and how well thought of he is in the guitar community. Music was in the family for Marco, and from the age of 9, he’s been drumming, strumming and shredding his way through life. His Essential Metal release put ... him up there with the likes of Petrucci as one of the most exciting, yet soulful guitarists to watch. And with albums such as reMarcoable and Homeland he has cemented himself as a modern great of Italian guitar. Shredding, writing, creating wonderful tones; he is a player who somehow manages to fuse it all together, embedded in melodies you’ll remember for a long time. Read More


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Number of Releases: 11
Top Genres: Rock, Metal

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20 Licks Advanced

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