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Denny Ilett is a self taught multi-instrumentalist who specialises in guitar. His musical roots have allowed him to blossom into a highly sophisticated musician with an extensive knowledge of jazz. As well as playing in several different projects across the musical spectrum, he has released a number of JTC products ranging from blues Masterclasses to 20 Licks packs. Denny is also a fine teacher, ... working with young students in the Bristol area. Read More


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Number of Releases: 15
Top Genres: Blues, Jazz

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An in-depth look at specific techniques to expand your playing vocabulary.

Wednesday 31st Jan, 2024

Denny Ilett Improv Solo 02

Join Denny in taking on a backing track he's never heard before.


Tuesday 12th Mar, 2024

Denny Ilett Improv Solo 01

Denny Ilett

Sit down with Denny and check out how he actively listens to a brand new backing he's...


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