JTC Roadmap

The future holds some exciting things here at JTC and we wanted to be able to share them with you, so we
have created this roadmap page to keep you up to date with current goings on in the background of some of
the projects we are working on.

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Sept - Oct '23

New site generally means some teething issues. We are focussing on clearing up any bugs that creep into the site.

Nov '23

New Light Mode. Choose between Light or Dark mode as your personal site preference.

Feb '24

New site wide Artist Feedback system. Get feedback on any JTC content from JTC artists direct or even on your own personal content.

Summer '24

JTC will launch JTC’s school for beginners. A platform designed for players just starting on their guitar journey.

Winter '24

JTC App launch. Finally time to get the JTC app launched. 

Spring '25

JTC will have a full desktop solution with online/offline modes all self contained within a desktop app.