Root 5 With 6-7 Pivot

James Graydon

Friday 28th Jun, 2024

Learn the do's and don'ts of Latin with a trick that introduces a 6-7 chordal pivot concept.

Friday 28th Jun, 2024


Sit down with James Graydon and learn how he uses a myriad of chordal techniques in his playing, ...

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Friday 28th Jun, 2024

Lesson 01

Learn how to use the 6th and 7th in chords and pivot between them to create a Latin-esque sound.

Friday 28th Jun, 2024

Playthrough 01

Practice pivoting between the 6th and 7th in real time with a rhythmic playthrough from James ...

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Friday 28th Jun, 2024

Playthrough 02

Learn how to add a lead line to the pivoting chords underneath.


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Tuesday 5th Dec, 2023

Chords Construction 02: 7ths Intermediate

Connor Kaminski

Let’s look deeper at 7th chords, and understand what a the 7th is, and how we can best...


Tuesday 14th May, 2024

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