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Vintage Blues Series Notes

Tuesday 2nd October 2012 Knowledge Base

Last week we released the incredible new 10 track Vintage Blues series by Paul Harvey. Here, Paul breaks down each track to help you get the best out of learning to play the solos in this series, as well as approaching your own improvisations.  

Cloud Bathing - Melody is king in this melodic Fleetwood Mac inspired  tune. The ethereal atmosphere and percussive elements create the perfect backdrop for the memorable top line.This is a great tune to improve your vibrato and general expression in your playing.  

The Conjurer - Another Fleetwood Mac inspired tune with a mid tempo rhythm and almost "latin" feel. The beginning of the track will make you focus on the melodic and as the tempo increases, the upbeat backing will allow you to make your notes sing over the top of the ascending sequence.

Axis -  A classic blues progression with a mid tempo shuffle feel. By using controlled blues licks and note bending at the start of the tune, you can gradually build your solo using higher octaves to reach a crescendo. Then by returning to the melodic licks, you can achieve more dynamics in your playing.  

Crossing the River - A Blues Gospel style ballad which is so cool to play over. Leaving space between your licks is so effective here. Those gaps between phrases can seriously enable you to confidently build the solo.You are quite literally taking the role of the vocalist and by employing these techniques you will make the melody strong and expressive.  

Speedway Blues - This has an uptempo bouncy groove where the solo guitar can really dig in. Think power trio, where the bass and drums are holding down a solid groove urging you to let loose and burn!  

Over the Wall -  A confident sounding backing track which puts you the soloist firmly in control. Paul Kossoff style licks work so well over this solid groove.  

Fault Line -  I've used that famous 'Out of Phase' Strat sound on this swinging blues progression. This sound will give you a glassy and dynamic tone which is so expressive in these type of arrangements. Melodies are easily achievable here by simply using the trusty old pentatonic scale.  

Party Animal - Riff driven 'US Cop Show' style blues in C sharp minor. The feel is more open here which encourages a rhythmic approach to soloing and will help you develop your note bending skills.  

Hustler - Modern lazy blues shuffle in G major. Grown up confident licks work so well over this sophisticated groove.  

Steam Driven - Delta style blues with a twist. A combination of minor and major sections give light and shade making effective use of the pentatonic scales employed.  

For these tracks I used a late '70's Tokai Stratocaster Style guitar with a Seymour Duncan humbucking bridge pick up and all the amps sounds came from a GNX 3000 guitar workstation.   I'm sure that you will find these tracks just as enjoyable, inspiring and challenging to play with as I did. Can't wait to see you on Youtube using them!   Cheers   Paul Harvey  

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