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Claudio Pietronik: Masterclass Q&A

Friday 15th May 2020 News


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Chord changes pose a challenge no matter what setting you are in. They are the fork in the road, and if you take the wrong turn, things can often go wrong.

Claudio Pietronik’s latest Masterclass, Unlocking Chord Changes, is a way to learn how to navigate these forks.

So to give you a better insight into the release, is the man himself!

Q: What was the inspiration for this Masterclass?

I decided to create this Masterclass focusing on what for me is the most important thing when improvising, respecting notes of the chords. This would be the key to play cool melodies but also fundamental to create more exciting fast lines!

Q: What is the number one takeaway from this release?

The main purpose of this Masterclass is to give you a different (but not so much) point of view on playing over backing tracks. We have to consider backing tracks and solos as strictly connected. A backing would be more interesting if we respect that and solos can be more interesting if they follow the backing. This would be a great starting point and also a cool way to expand your mental approach for those who already played for years!

Q: Do you think the ideas in the Masterclass work in many different types of music?

Absolutely YES! Genre doesn’t matter. Of course a different genre can require a different stylistic approach but the main concept is the same. Notes of the chords and notes outside the chords. Everything is cool, we just have to know their momentary role!

Q: What was your set up for recording? Our audience always wants to know how to get the same sound as our artists!

For this Masterclass I just used my signature guitar Brea PK6 from Negrini Guitars directly into my Neural Nolly plugin! Then mixed everything from the DAW.

Q: What’s next for you at JTC?

I started working on a big Masterclass expanding this concept of playing through the chords, but through another kind of backing. The first part has already been prepared. Lots of fun here hehe!

Q: Bonus question, why are you so good at hybrid picking?

Ah, ehm, oh….I don’t know! I started playing with that technique because I love this kind of approach to the instrument. I started feeling more control on the strings also from the beginning, so I then just continued doing it but everywhere and in every case! One of the most important things, for me, is to try to apply a technique in every situation, and through improvisation, so you’ll start thinking really soon directly with that and will be easier sooner!

Before you go…

A huge thanks to Claudio for his incredible Masterclass. Check out the video below to find out more!

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